Life, lemons and LEDS


I’d finally gotten enough time in the studio to start some serious painting – 3 small works in a series begun! I was feeling virtuous and creative and then…THE ELECTRICITY WENT OUT. No joke – high gales knocked out everything. Here in Scotland, that means candlelight from about 4:30 pm onwards. sigh. Frustrated, and without anything like the internet or a dishwasher or TV to distract me, I decided to try something totally new – my husband’s LED headlamp. Armed with a whole new way to see, (and a rather ridiculous new look) I went to work. Thirty hours without power produced a lot of smoke from the wood stove, piles of dirty laundry, heaps of dishes, a hundred candle stubs, AND a finished painting! Maybe I should title it “Lemonade”.


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  1. Thank you, Steve. I enjoy seeing more in works of art and photos than only the subject matter, too! Your photo is intriguing. Have you tried shifting the colour spectrum for another look?

  2. I’ve looked through your blog and I love both what I see and what I read–you are a multi-faceted, creative girl. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and art.

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