Monthly Archives: February 2012

risk it for a biscuit


Sometimes you’ve just got to take a risk.

Jump off the deep end into a wide expanse of Unknown. Give it a go, get stuck in, take a leap of faith, go out on a limb – leave the fear of failure far enough behind so that it does not stop you from trying something  ENORMOUSLY new and different! The fear will not cushion your fall neither will it aid your flight.

Regret is not worth the comfort of familiar.




In search of life, Spring or anything green…


Grey-filled, rain-spattered, wind-rattled windows met me at every turn.  Nothing caught my eye.

The inward view was just as uninspired – laundry, dishes, papers and dust bunnies. I had had enough.

I grabbed my camera and stepped out into the wild in search of a different vista. And I found it!

Not in the vast expanse. Not in the height of sky or rolling hills. No, they were all mist and gloom.

I had to get really low to discover these promises of new life, coloured fields, and warm sunshine.

It was worth the wet and the mud and the cold to find a new perspective – one that I was able to carry with me all day. Maybe you need to make a move…get out of your normal routine. Lay on the ground, stand in your chair…paint from across the room. I encourage you to see differently today.

sharing the love


Our youngest daughter quietly slips into my studio. I can feel her staring through me to the table filled with art supplies.

“Mommy, can I paint on one of your squares?”

Sure baby – what do you want to paint?

“A heart on fire.”

Well, that made me stop and think. I offered her everything I had. She carefully chose the colours and I laid them out on a palette. She picked her brushes and set to work. What a joy to behold – someone free to try something new. My part in this creative adventure was to encourage and equip. Everything else belongs to her.

There is someone, somewhere in your life that you can open a door for. Art, writing, dance, humour – there is a creative gift you have to offer. When you do, you are the one who gains the most. Go set a heart on fire…

this is NOT an ad for Sharpies…honest…


I have a confession to make – I am addicted to Sharpie permanent markers.

I have a rather large box full, but I cannot pass by a display without getting the shakes. Yes, I even hide them from my children and I do not offer them to adults looking for a “black marker.” They are for my ART, even if that is the art of doodling. Let me encourage you today – doodles on a post-it, notes hummed in the shower, a few words scribbled on a napkin – these can be the beginnings of something wonderful. Don’t throw away these tiny seeds. Break out the Sharpies and let them grow!

is there art with that a desk?


Sitting in a pile of paperwork seriously chokes my creativity.

It just seems to get buried as the files and numbers and deadlines slowly overtake my field of vision. On hold for the millionth time and unable to escape the musak or the desk,

I had a moment of artistic sanity.

Make a composition.  Make a landscape.  Make a sculpture. With all the piles of stuff around me. Art therapy in action…

As a reward for being nice to the phone company who had me on hold (for 17 minutes in total) I photographed what I made and did some colour work on this shot.

Why don’t you take a 5-10 minute art break right where you sit? Stop whatever you’re doing and look for colour patterns, interesting textures, or something to stack. And if you’re super -organized without my kind of clutter, break out a box of paperclips – instant abstracts!