is there art with that a desk?


Sitting in a pile of paperwork seriously chokes my creativity.

It just seems to get buried as the files and numbers and deadlines slowly overtake my field of vision. On hold for the millionth time and unable to escape the musak or the desk,

I had a moment of artistic sanity.

Make a composition.  Make a landscape.  Make a sculpture. With all the piles of stuff around me. Art therapy in action…

As a reward for being nice to the phone company who had me on hold (for 17 minutes in total) I photographed what I made and did some colour work on this shot.

Why don’t you take a 5-10 minute art break right where you sit? Stop whatever you’re doing and look for colour patterns, interesting textures, or something to stack. And if you’re super -organized without my kind of clutter, break out a box of paperclips – instant abstracts!


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