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distilled: life words



It’s good to get your words out.

Put them down in a way that you can look at the big picture as well as the smallest punctuation mark.

Sometimes I find it easier to “discover” the words rather than write them out of my own musings. It’s a big step towards editing that isn’t painful and prevents rambling or navel gazing.

So here’s my process:

I have painted a background, but any coloured paper works well. I’ve recycled junk mail and old magazines by cutting out words & phrases that caught my eye. I find a semi-quiet place to work.

Instead of picking out one at a time, I just dump the whole word box on the board.

It reminds me of how jumbled our thoughts can get when we’ve not had a chance to process anything.

I start teasing out words that are speaking to me in the moment. I take my time, changing things as I go. There is nothing to get wrong – the piece is fluid.

It always amazes me what fits together, how the words from my heart speak to the page…

I stop when I feel all has been said and just let the words sink in.

Then I do one more edit – what is most important to keep from this exercise? – and make an art photo to keep…

What needs said in your life right now?



depth perception and layer cakes



You can’t rush depth, but you can use everything you’ve got to get there.

With each turn and mark and valley and climb, there is an opportunity to be more than we were before.

We really paint with the layers of our lives… the tools we’ve collected over time.

Don’t waste your struggles and embrace the joyful places!

get off your taxi


What’s driving you?

or should I ask, What are you letting drive you?

If you don’t know the answer, then it’s time to STOP long enough to find out.

And if you’ve been hood surfing or backseat driving or in-the-trunk hiding NOW is a good time to disembark…

This was just plain fun to make: Sharpies, a paper plate, paint, magazine cut-outs, glitter.

And that helps the medicine go down.

in between the seasons



“Spring is almost here” I say to myself with hope and the assurance that, even if it doesn’t feel like spring or look like spring, it will happen eventually. So what about this in-between time? There is a gradual process happening – most of it hidden. What’s going on under there? I can guess but it’s not all science.

four seasons in painted, neatly prepared backgrounds ready for hand-printing:



this is the “in-between” time where all the unseen work takes place:

picking, pruning, stripping, soaking

positioning, testing, re-positioning, re-testing

squeezing, pressing, scrapping, releasing

It’s this process that brings about a finished work of colour and composition.

And then this work’s purpose begins.



the completed series:

Each season has its own story to tell:

There is purpose in the process. Spring is just around the corner.