in between the seasons



“Spring is almost here” I say to myself with hope and the assurance that, even if it doesn’t feel like spring or look like spring, it will happen eventually. So what about this in-between time? There is a gradual process happening – most of it hidden. What’s going on under there? I can guess but it’s not all science.

four seasons in painted, neatly prepared backgrounds ready for hand-printing:



this is the “in-between” time where all the unseen work takes place:

picking, pruning, stripping, soaking

positioning, testing, re-positioning, re-testing

squeezing, pressing, scrapping, releasing

It’s this process that brings about a finished work of colour and composition.

And then this work’s purpose begins.



the completed series:

Each season has its own story to tell:

There is purpose in the process. Spring is just around the corner.


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    • Thank you!
      Would you believe it has actually rained, sleet, snowed and now sun-shined at my window since posting? Ahh, Scotland.

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