distilled: life words



It’s good to get your words out.

Put them down in a way that you can look at the big picture as well as the smallest punctuation mark.

Sometimes I find it easier to “discover” the words rather than write them out of my own musings. It’s a big step towards editing that isn’t painful and prevents rambling or navel gazing.

So here’s my process:

I have painted a background, but any coloured paper works well. I’ve recycled junk mail and old magazines by cutting out words & phrases that caught my eye. I find a semi-quiet place to work.

Instead of picking out one at a time, I just dump the whole word box on the board.

It reminds me of how jumbled our thoughts can get when we’ve not had a chance to process anything.

I start teasing out words that are speaking to me in the moment. I take my time, changing things as I go. There is nothing to get wrong – the piece is fluid.

It always amazes me what fits together, how the words from my heart speak to the page…

I stop when I feel all has been said and just let the words sink in.

Then I do one more edit – what is most important to keep from this exercise? – and make an art photo to keep…

What needs said in your life right now?



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  1. Escape to the…hmmmmm this speaks to me!

    I had an art tutor who taught me the value of ‘play’ and then encouraged me to collect and save all the things I made from the ‘playtimes’ and when the time was right to make something, perhaps a collage, out of them. The collage can become the source of inspiration for that picture or that painting or that peice of art glass etc. Learning to play is important I feel.

    Thanks for your blog Beth, I love reading it.

    Every blessing Fiona

    • Thanks Fiona! Yes – I agree. When we “play” – relax and create without expectation of a finished piece – there can be
      great discoveries which have a positive influence on us and our art.

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