Monthly Archives: April 2012

puzzle pieces


“God paints on a canvas bigger than we can see”

I do not know who said this, but it has stuck with me – at times ringing in my ears – through the ever-changing seasons of  life.

We don’t see the whole play from the opening act (if it’s any good),

and the greatest stories reveal themselves as pages turn.

I cannot possibly know the impact of the words I type, the children I have born,

the storms I’ve weathered or the love I’ve held here at this marker on the map.

But when there are more questions than answers, I try to remember that there’s a perspective I cannot yet see…

 and that this may be something of beauty in progress. Be encouraged today.

These pictures are small pieces of one painting I am working on. When the work is complete, I’ll post the whole canvas.




a personal conversation


Sometimes you just gotta talk to yourself.

because you’re the only one who knows what’s going on in there…and has the chutzpah to say what needs said.

I’d been struggling  inside my head all week. There are paintings to paint, writings to write, but nothing was happening and I was beginning to make excuses not to go into the studio.

(like cleaning… seriously!) So I sat myself down , got out some tools of the trade and had a chat. This piece of art/journal/lecture came out of that discussion.

It really is OK to talk to yourself. Just don’t talk down.



don’t bin the whim


We’ve all done it… a moment of brilliant inspiration streaks through our minds but we dismiss it into the impossible/unobtainable/unacceptable pile for fear that someone might be watching us.

Or maybe it’s for fear that we might watch ourselves miss the mark.

Listen, we’re all going to miss the mark at some point(s) in this life – whether it’s with the checkbook or a short story or an invention or the black sock in the white wash. Don’t let that stop you from grabbing the thought and giving it a go. It may be the best thing you ever, EVER  do! And you have no idea where it could lead…

a wee note: I took some crazy egg pictures over Easter, so you may see several posts with this theme…

speak, Friend, and enter…


Doors interest me, especially ones that wear their history. I want to see the peeling paint, the colours underneath. Dents and scars are part of the package – the marks of place, people and time.

Life is full of doors…ordinary, life-changing, closed, unlocked, scary, inviting…

Some doors stop my thoughts in their tracks and cause me to wonder …


What’s on the other side of this place I’m standing now?

Maybe you’re facing a door in life’s journey. Is it closed or just about to open?

Dare to knock…more than once…and press through to the next place