don’t bin the whim


We’ve all done it… a moment of brilliant inspiration streaks through our minds but we dismiss it into the impossible/unobtainable/unacceptable pile for fear that someone might be watching us.

Or maybe it’s for fear that we might watch ourselves miss the mark.

Listen, we’re all going to miss the mark at some point(s) in this life – whether it’s with the checkbook or a short story or an invention or the black sock in the white wash. Don’t let that stop you from grabbing the thought and giving it a go. It may be the best thing you ever, EVER  do! And you have no idea where it could lead…

a wee note: I took some crazy egg pictures over Easter, so you may see several posts with this theme…


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  1. Very true, and something I’ve needed to hear more than once in my life. Maybe you could put this post on a rotation schedule, so it pops up to encourage me…every 6 months or so! Thanks, Beth!

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