don’t forget the space hopper


life lesson from a 5-year-old:

it really doesn’t matter where you’re headed or how long it takes, as long as there’s fun in the gett’n there…

Indoors or out, to the bathroom or to the moon, our youngest prefers  travel via space hopper.

There is so much JOY in his journey!

May I humbly suggest that we take a break from the seriousness of lists, deadlines, reputation,and résumés long enough to find the FUN in what we’re doing here?

p.s.  They make adult-sized space hoppers, too 😉


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    • thank you! I use Picasa for my photos. It’s basic but has a nice selection of options. I chose “pencil sketch” then worked on colour, saturation and lighting.

  1. I was gonna comment that I wish they made adult space hoppers and there’s your PS, with no further detail, off to google for me……
    I have a 4 year old boy who would love to race mum on his space hopper!!

    • you can test-drive one when you get here 🙂

      that’s the barn doors out back and the (finally!) finished back deck – great for roller derbies

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