the basics…anything but


“Back to basics” –  this phrase seems pale and uninteresting. In a world that pushes the NEW fast-acting SECRET FORMULA! ten EASY steps to SMOOTHERcleanerYOUNGERbrighterMOREsuccessful…4 out of 126 people agree! anglethe basics are a bit unglamorous to say the least.

But this is where we start. Whether it’s in cooking, bike-riding, writing, singing or shoe tying, the basics are foundational. Take some time to review. Go “old school” and remind yourself how you do what you do and why you do it.You might discover something new and inspiring in the process.

My palette had become very one-sided and I needed to exercise some other colour combinations. I drew the lines fast & free, but the painting was done with purpose and design. I stretched it even further through photography.

Then I took all the colour out for a “basic” black & white…and found anything but.

Who said homework can’t be fun?


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  1. How exciting! I used to have students copy their color drawings on an Xerox machine, so that they could learn more about value and contrast. This looks like great fun…thanks!

    • that is a wonderful teaching tool Cindy.
      and yes! it was really fun to see how the colours would shift. I will refer back to it for painting ideas.

    • thank you Teresa! #4 really jumps. It makes me want to start with a black canvas and see where it goes.

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