drawing blanks…


If you’re finding it hard to start something – be encouraged! You are not alone. Here’s a famous quote to prove my point:

Don’t let the big white vastness of the new overwhelm you.

There’s a wee trick painters use to get through the first stage – we hit the white all at once, letting a single colour (or a mix) overtake hesitation.

Whew! then the pressure is off  to produce perfection in the first 5 minutes. Sometimes, you just need to jump in without having it all planned out first. The effort itself has value, even if things don’t turn out as expected.


 To all my loyal followers: Thanks for your patience – our internet has been down out here on the moors which is why this post is late. The good news is Scotland is having a HEAT WAVE, so my studio has moved outside until further notice 🙂


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      • Try treating one of your sketches like a colouring page from when you were little. Make a photocopy of it and use crayons or simple watercolours. Ther’s no getting it “wrong”! and that’s a great way of experimenting with colour without the pressure of perfection. enjoy…

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