art lessons from a 10-year-old


I got schooled this week.  In the nicest possible way, but still

Scotland was in a heat wave so we all played hookie and headed to the beach!

I threw in my sketch pad and an old pack of oil pastels just in case.

 While the kids ran around I took the opportunity to start a drawing, but it soon became impossible.

Some of the pastels were broken, the right blue was missing, sand was flying,

bathing suits were dripping, the five-year-old was helping – you get the picture.

 My middle girl came over to watch what I was doing.

I finally gave up and started to put it all away when she asked if she could draw.

I handed her the pack and went to cool my toes in the ocean.

15 minutes later, my girl happily showed me her work. Done. Beautifully…

Straight away I saw where I’d gone wrong.

Distracted and caught up in getting details and colours right, I’d missed the joy of the scene in front of me. 

Arabella’s drawing was all about the moment, the fun of catching what you see on the paper.

Hers is the better for it. Lesson learned.



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    • thanks! You have to catch the sun when you can over here. Totally worth the effort of packing the car for seven lol

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