night flight


The sky is a deep, black ocean out here on the moors.

When the weather closes in, there is nothing but dark forms rolling over each other, shifting shape as the winds run round the hills and grasses. But if the heavens clear then stars drop low to greet me, and I am overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe opening before my eyes. I wish for wings to soar into this sea.

My paint cannot express these depths , but still I attempt flight –  brush in hand.

The night sky is waiting. I encourage you to go out and see it for yourself. Walk or drive until there is no other light.


Even if it is only a blanket of stillness, stay and ponder this inky quiet awhile. And let your heart soar.




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  1. Breath-taking images, and words to match. I am fortunate to live in one of the few “night sky” (where city lights don’t interfere with our view of the stars)areas left in this country. I appreciate that “deep black ocean” of sky that you speak of so eloquently. Thank you, Beth!

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