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If you give a painter a camera…


she’s going to want to take pictures of her work. When she does, she’ll want to load them up on her computer.

so she’ll ask her husband “how the heck?”  He’ll probably have to show her how the heck a hundred times.

When she’s got the hang of it, she might get carried away and stay up all night.

In the morning, she will know whole new ways to shift her work.

And if there are new ways to shift her work, she’ll want to paint more canvases.

When she finishes the canvases, she’ll want to take even more pictures of her work.

And chances are if she’s going to take pictures of her work, she’ll want a fancy new camera to do it with!


(writing style shamelessly copied from Laura Joffe Numeroff, author of  If You Give a Pig a Pancake)

I hope it gave you a smile today, along with these experiments in painting and photography.


a slow-opening window


Sometimes we can be encouraged by another’s struggle.

Not the “ha-ha-ha they’re losing” kind of selfishness, but the “I’m not the only one!” kind of solace. With that in mind,

I am showing you some of my own slow progress to bring an innocent little sketch into a full-grown painting.

Three layers of background colours later and I am still comparing & wondering:

where did those burgundy clouds actually come from???

Before I commit to this major compositional shift, I mock-up different sizes of window frame to see what will and will NOT work.This part isn’t going as smoothly as I had anticipated. sigh.

That little bird has hopped all around the sill,

but is reminds me of hope and life in the midst of decisions and frustrations. The bird stays!

Yet another window frame…too many to show them all to you here…but this one’s getting closer. I think.

The clouds are slowly moving in the right direction.

New layers and finer details are finally starting to take shape.


If you are working hard but seemingly getting nowhere fast, you are not alone.

Your project – goal – dream has value.  It is worth the process. Don’t give up now.