the ocean in front of us


I don’t want to preach  “Do as I say, not as I do”

so I took a big step out into uncharted waters this past month and painted live for a whole week.

with a team. In tents. In front of a crowd. Seriously.

Now, I’ve painted live before, but not with the possibility of 2000 people peeking over my shoulder. Amazingly, the nerves faded away as I concentrated on what I had come to do. And in that place of contemplation – between the music and the speakers and the buzz and the lights – people were impacted by the process and the paint. I, most of all.

Sometimes you have to be willing to get up there and go for it, big and loud. Why? Someone might need to hear what you have say, see what you have to create, read what you have to write,  listen to the colour of music only you can play.

up close:

almost there:

adding in the final details:

The finished painting “Tree of Life” painted at Clan Gathering 2012


To all my kind followers: July was full of family and new work and everything in between. I will be back to posting regularly now!  Thank you for your patience 🙂



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    • thank you Alice – it was an interesting process to leave it up “undone” for people to see, but I had several come up to me at different stages to talk about what they saw and felt.

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