the textures of time


Sometimes my judgement is clouded by only seeing what needs fixed, tidied, painted or put on the bonfire, especially when I look around our farm. Unable to do any of these things while the wind is wild and the children are sick, I decided to take my camera for a walk to find something of beauty in the time-worn structures that surround me.

Life is not perfect and you cannot make it so.

But you can find love and laughter with imperfect people, beauty and strength in old places, inspiration and creativity in ordinary moments of time. Be encouraged today.


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    • Thank you! Yes, I have to say that I like the quiet rusting of the barn. But the door will have to be worked on before another Scottish winter settles in! Still, I love its peeling, too.

  1. There is such beauty in our perfection – we are so predisposed to seek the air-brushed and flawless, when what we truly seek is not contained there! LOVE these images, and the thoughts behind them…

  2. These are wonderful photos…certainly encouraging and inspiring! It is too easy to see all of what is lacking, but it takes a special gift, my friend, to see and appreciate the quiet, present beauty! Thank you!

  3. Such a good reminder to me today as I look at our new house we just bought that needs SO much work. I think I’m going to need to take a walk and do the same 🙂

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