take the risk


Encouragement can come from the most unexpected places.

Art can be one of those addresses. so can a teenager. honest.

The past few weeks have been hard. I won’t lie about it. Hospitals and children should only mix at the joy of birth. No more visits after that. Ever. In the midst of our own situation, another, more urgent, child’s battle came to our doorstep. His story can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/CadenBeggan

Weary from the difficult parts of the day, I came home to the usual suspects: laundry, dishes and a dinner to cook. My 13-year-old son was elbow deep in art supplies at our kitchen table. He gave me this picture for the little one. It is his prayer, his expression of hope in a hard place, his heart for a boy fighting for life and limbs.

My head was lifted by his courage to express in a drawing what could not be fully said in words.

You may well be holding encouragement for someone right now.

Your writing, art, cooking, words, hug, song could be exactly what a heavy heart needs to soar again.

Be encouraged. Take the risk. Share what you have.


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