right: at the beginning


I have avoided it for a week now – this getting back to it.

Art, writing…creativity. Me.

After an enforced sabbatical (sickness and holidays and company and sickness) I need to get back to it.  Like riding a bike, you never forget, but oh how the skills get rusty. So I’m starting the best way I know how – at the beginning. Again.

Tools: black ink and a sketchbook, decent lighting and a bit of time and space to breathe…

a new beginning

the sketchbook: butterflies promising new life


the pages: large and textured, which seem friendly to me


a little sign: a whole world can fit on this page


I find an interesting shape in the paper: my starting point


 the “flaw” becomes a hollow in a tree: so it begins…





Time to dream again…

Don’t be afraid to go back to the basics. This is where beautiful beginnings can start right and well. Sometimes we need to walk through these steps, retrace the starts we’ve made so that we can remember why. In art or cooking, sewing or photography, writing or music – whatever your expression is – there is a time for starting fresh, remembering firsts, and rediscovering the joy of it all over again. 

Maybe this small start will find you considering doing the same. I would love to hear about your journey. Be encouraged today..and in this new year.


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