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lift your eyes


I had a whole 47 minutes. My meeting and my car park ticket said so.

I tried to give myself more time, but circumstances converged in such a way that I was running, running, running late… Still, the sun was shining and that in itself is something to behold in Scotland in February. I drove through heavy traffic, looking forward to finding

“The magnificent ruins of Linlithgow Palace (that) are majestically situated in the centre of Linlithgow, beside 15th-century St Michael’s Kirk, and overlooking the peel and loch”

No, there wasn’t any time for a tour or even a peak inside these amazing spaces. Instead, I chose to see what I could while I could, thoughtfully and carefully. I hope you enjoy what I found…


When we are frustrated, rushed or disappointed, we tend to look at the circumstances or down at our feet.                       Be encouraged to look up today! Something of beauty and worth is waiting to be seen. You can find it.


self-portrait without the gazing navels


A good portrait speaks of the sitter and the artist. So what if the piece  is a self-portrait?

Examining one’s self is no easy exercise, how to capture “this is who I am…this is what I see…this is want I want to tell” without being overly critical of the subject or the work can be impossibly frustrating. It is a risk, not far off how we feel when sharing our hearts with another. But it’s worth it, even if it is just for you.  Yes, there can be things you’d like to change, but it offers the opportunity to see something new or something of value you may have forgotten.

the shadow tells the story

a birth day

the the door and out the window

Consider a self-portrait. Be kind, be truthful and mark the occasion by using your creativity –

a song list, collage, drawing or a poem  – make it FUN!

a shadow of me

Set me a task…


Joy! – search it out.

I’m not talking about happiness, which is somehow fleeting. You can be happy with your work in the afternoon and miserable with it the morning after. Joy is something that abides. Enjoy the working and the playing and the process. Keep it in the middle of you, your creativity, your life.

psalm 30:5 - mixed media/altered photograph

Be encouraged today!

upcycling the past


I can’t for the life of me figure out why I kept this old oil sketch. It’s from my studio days at university. Yes, it is a part of my art journey. No, it is not very good. And I’ve never done a thing with it since 1993. Twenty years is time enough for something to be kicking around in the back of my studio and in the back of my mind. So I decided to move it on…

the past, present and possibilities all on my kitchen table…

still life practice from uni

starting with a fresh perspective…

the big coverup

carving out a new path…

carving in

keeping the best to build with…

pear reveal

finding beauty in the mix of old and new…

exploring the possibilities

At this point, I decided to shift it over into my photography work. Here are two examples:

“Blue Bird”


“Beauty for Ashes”

beauty for ashes

This remade painting is not meant to be a finished piece, rather a beginning point for new ways of working.

As for our past, we cannot erase it.

We can choose to save the good and work on the rest~

to make something of use and value and beauty for now and the future.

Be encouraged.