upcycling the past


I can’t for the life of me figure out why I kept this old oil sketch. It’s from my studio days at university. Yes, it is a part of my art journey. No, it is not very good. And I’ve never done a thing with it since 1993. Twenty years is time enough for something to be kicking around in the back of my studio and in the back of my mind. So I decided to move it on…

the past, present and possibilities all on my kitchen table…

still life practice from uni

starting with a fresh perspective…

the big coverup

carving out a new path…

carving in

keeping the best to build with…

pear reveal

finding beauty in the mix of old and new…

exploring the possibilities

At this point, I decided to shift it over into my photography work. Here are two examples:

“Blue Bird”


“Beauty for Ashes”

beauty for ashes

This remade painting is not meant to be a finished piece, rather a beginning point for new ways of working.

As for our past, we cannot erase it.

We can choose to save the good and work on the rest~

to make something of use and value and beauty for now and the future.

Be encouraged.


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