self-portrait without the gazing navels


A good portrait speaks of the sitter and the artist. So what if the piece  is a self-portrait?

Examining one’s self is no easy exercise, how to capture “this is who I am…this is what I see…this is want I want to tell” without being overly critical of the subject or the work can be impossibly frustrating. It is a risk, not far off how we feel when sharing our hearts with another. But it’s worth it, even if it is just for you.  Yes, there can be things you’d like to change, but it offers the opportunity to see something new or something of value you may have forgotten.

the shadow tells the story

a birth day

the the door and out the window

Consider a self-portrait. Be kind, be truthful and mark the occasion by using your creativity –

a song list, collage, drawing or a poem  – make it FUN!

a shadow of me


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  1. Ah, Beth, first of all, these are beautiful images! Secondly, these are ideas I’ve been tossing around myself lately, in order to answer someone’s question, “Why do you blog?” It is a selective portrait of the self, in a way. We choose what to hide, what to reveal, and what kind of image we’d like to present. Great, thoughtful post, as usual. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Cindy! Yes, blogging and other social media is selective by its limitations and the choices we make. It can be as much about what we do not say as what we reveal. I am interested in what you find out in answering tha question. 🙂

  3. I would agree with Cindy that blogging is a self portrait of sorts. I like your idea of actually doing a blog post that contains a portrait of oneself.

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