the art of waiting


Let’s face facts. Sometimes, may times, waiting isn’t any fun…

We’d waited months for our eldest daughter’s hospital appointment. We packed 5 days worth of stuff into bags and drove into the city, relieved to go ahead and get this started. We sat in a ward for hours waiting for the doctor to come. Every minute that ticked by said we might be waiting some more. It wasn’t fun. I’ve learned to be prepared to wait, so I whipped out my trusty Sharpies and a plain pocket calendar that I’d packed to pass the time. We talked, I drew. I drew, she watched. We waited. Four hours later…the doctor didn’t show – he was sick. That was hard. But I pointed my child in the right direction, towards the door and to hope…that good can come of waiting even when we don’t know the “why.” I carry this little reminder of our time spent. And I choose to believe it was for the good, for the better. If you are in the waiting room, I hope this little piece encourages you today.

We have been rescheduled in record time…not long now. And yes, I will be repacking my pens!


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