in flight


I am on the plane with my homework. I’ve just got the basics…pens, paper and 3 reference photos. I want to understand how an eagle’s feathers form, how and where they lay to make a wing, how they move in flight. And so I begin…head down, minding my own business…working it out.

During my hours of process, something extraordinary happens – I gain an audience. Truly, I am caught off guard as flight attendants cruise by to see my progress, as the lady two rows back leans in to ask me questions, as a shy little boy stands beside me instead of going to the toilet (which he so obviously needs to do). I even had one man voice his disappointment when I took a movie break. What was going on? I asked a fellow artist and his observation rang true:

The act of creating something is fresh, new and in the moment – very different from any form of entertainment or distraction found on a plane journey. Without realizing it, I literally drew them in.

You might keep your creative process private. I understand that. But maybe you have something to give by simply bringing your workings out into light. Go ahead, try a new venue and see who you can engage and encourage today.


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  1. Ok, I may just do that. I am a quite a private creator, I don’t like showing my workings, it feels quite a vulnerable thing to do but you may have twisted my arm.

    • Jaclyn – your work is very good. And you have a great way about you that puts people at ease. If you can teach & have art parties, then this can come from that place of “helping” as you step out. It’s not my first choice either, but this experience taught me a lot. xx

  2. Just love this post Beth! Last sunday evening I found myself drawing in front of a full congregation while listening to a wonderful lady speak on the persecuted church in Burma, Sudan, Nigeria. As I drew I could feel the Lord take over and a beautiful peace which could only have come from Him. The reactions from people who had never watched this before was so encouraging and as you say they are drawn into the creative process….and to Jesus. One year ago I would never have had the courage to do it, but with His help Jaclyn…. give it a go and wait to see what He will accomplish through you!!

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