beyond redemption?


It was bad. And that’s the truth.

I had painted it for so long through so many different shifting moods and atmospheres that the work had become parts and not a whole. Some pieces held promise but there was too much undone, too much overdone. So I didn’t look at it again (who would want to?) for 6 months. Then I brought it back into the light, back into view for a while. Was this thing worth saving? At first I thought only the board itself was of any value, that I would need to white it all out, remove the history before starting fresh. But I sat on that action for a few weeks and kept taking a look at the picture. Maybe I would just blot out the tree – that terribly overworked, every season’s colour leaf pile. I assembled my instruments as if to do surgery, full on titanium white at the ready. But then I realized something – I could redeem the tree! It had good roots, it had sound structure…it was worth saving. So carefully I began to move the work forward, one leaf at a time…

Sometimes we need a clean slate. We need to wipe things out in order to start fresh. But can I encourage you to take a step back before you crumple all that time and toss it into the bin? Maybe there is something worth saving – something of the effort you made in your working – that has a value you have not seen…yet.


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