Monthly Archives: August 2013

the progress of a diver


This is not my routine approach to a painting. Prep drawings, yes. Hours of internet research? no. Life-size cut-outs?  erm, no. What am I doing here?! I’m diving in to something new. Going deeper into a new place. Yes, it sometimes feels like I have NO IDEA where I’m at. But isn’t that the scary fun of the plunge?

So, how about you? Are you risking your routine? Changing the rhythm of your work to see what might happen? Let me encourage you to give it a try. Maybe it will underline what not to do. Maybe it will solidify your thinking about how your work progresses. Or, maybe it could add something altogether new and wonderful to your toolbox. Enjoy!

and now it’s time for a rest…




I’ve been thinking about what it’s like to plunge into the depths of something. Not being overwhelmed because you have no choice, but overwhelmed because you have chosen to be. Here are a few sketches with that process in mind – letting go and diving into colour, sound…the love of another…into the deep on purpose…

It’s not always easy to take that leap. May you find something, someone worthy of your heart’s effort. Be encouraged.

sharing the view


Lovely friends and visitors – we have been and are away on holiday. More creativity to post next week! In the meantime, enjoy this little peek at the ocean.

This path leads to the famous West Sands Beach, St. Andrews, Scotland. Just hum the Chariots of Fire theme song and you’ll be able to picture the rest. May you find the less-travelled ways and dance to some memorable music this week. Be encouraged.