waiting for paint to dry


You can do all the prep work just right, have every tool and prompt and guide at the ready. Your lighting and background music and preferred cup of joe could be set out in perfect alignment and you just may be carrying within your heart THE perfect painting, composition, story yet to be told…

howsomever…hang on a minute…but…wait.

The paint ain’t dry.

You’ve got the structure. You understand the need for building a sound base.

You understand the chemistry. What needs to be added to the mix and when.

And you’re reaching for the alchemy…because this is not all about the science. It’s about the song…

but the build-up is still curing…the layers are still cooking…and there’s not a thing you can do about it until it sets.

Have patience. If the work is truly a part of you, it cannot be lost in this part of the process.

It may, in fact, become more found. Be encouraged.


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