reflections: looking out, looking in


As an artist, I look within as well as out and around for the direction of my work.

This character contemplation – contempt, compassion – leaks out (and sometimes pours all over) into the work.

Reflections and shadows and perspectives layer.

The light changes.

The colours fade or intensify with emotion and experience.

And at some points the lines blur.

This last photograph may look like a framed picture on a wall, but it’s actually the window to my studio, the heart of my workspace. You are seeing into the interior as well as out towards the landscape reflected in the glass.

These three places/spaces/events are together as one: the work in front, what lies beyond and what has taken place before.

When we truly give of ourselves in our creative efforts, we become part of the work even as it is reflecting a part of us. Both are the better – the richer for it. Be encouraged.



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