painting my peace


What to do in a storm? Some artists work through their circumstance – spilling out raw emotion onto canvas as a way of expressing what words cannot tell. Others find that heartache pulls a shade down on their creative process, rendering them speechless for a season, or longer if they cannot heal. I myself have written of my wounds, closed the door to my studio, sat without a creative thought as a colourless numb closed my eyes to both the pain and purpose. But now I choose to paint my peace…a place or thought or idea of where I could drift into the presence of surrounding stillness…

no matter the season…

or time of day.

A place of sound and colour that speaks to my own heart…

that gives me hope and a horizon line…

This new exercise has not been easy – this painting has taken a long time. The process to get here was not what I expected, but it has helped me to stay open and express my heart in a positive way. The outcome appears simple, but that is simply not the case. The same could be said of our journey in creativity. and in life! May you find a way to paint your peace.

Be encouraged.


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  1. Lovely work Beth. Sounds like a much more creative and positive way to deal with some of life’s troubles. Particularly like the second to last image with the sunset colours, reminds me a little of turner, but perhaps more peaceful 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts and work.

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