the mess in the middle


I’m tempted to walk away in this moment where everything feels disjointed, sounds out of tune, has no rhyme or reason…I’m in the middle of the mess in the middle and all of it seems to be sliding around like mud.  Do I stay?

I think every creative process goes through an “ugly duckling” stage…usually more than one. It’s a difficult place to be. Sometimes I step back for a while (or longer) before I do something I might regret. It’s a risk. I could completely lose focus or interest and be unable to find my way again. But it’s a chance to get a different perspective – to let the light and space shift what I’m seeing…


and find movement where I thought there was none.

I’m taking this little boat further into the journey, and hopefully out of the mire into some place where people can connect with the song it is singing…the story it wants to tell…

So if you are in the middle of your working and everything is sliding, well done! You may have lost your way but you’ve made it this far. Seriously. There can be a truer sound, a sharper focus that comes with the working and reworking and reworking of something we are in the middle of creating. Be encouraged today.


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