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Spring has sprung!


I’d had enough of laundry, paperwork, exams, dishes, sickness and general cabin fever. The sun broke through the grey Scottish mist out here in our shire so a decision was made: field trip!  We took our back road to the back road (yes, we live out on the moors) and stopped haphazardly every other mile to see what we could see of spring…

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure as much as we did today!

Maybe it’s time for you to take a field trip…be encouraged.


blooming good fun


I have to sneak down the stairs – holding my breath at the creaking landing, listening for any sounds of stirring. I’m balancing magazines, a sketchbook and a big box of my favourite Sharpie pens. This is a holiday for me: up before the chaos of five kids with a cup of coffee and time to draw… in the morning light at my kitchen table…


Maybe these little sketches will one day become paintings, but this is not really about  homework for me now. It is more like a breath of fresh air, a stretch into the colours of spring. I’m remembering I like to draw. I like to investigate the intricate. I like to find the lines and then expand them, again and again.

So, if you’re needing a break why not try a bit of creativity just for fun? No projects, no deadlines…just a way to enjoy the gifts you have been given. and maybe you won’t have to get up too early to find some space 🙂 !  Be encouraged.




magazine photo credits:

Carolyn Barber, photo 1, Alamy, photo 3, Country Living April 2012

Catherine Gratwicke, photos 2 & 4, House Beautiful March 2014