when I am scraped thin


I sit down with a sigh, surveying the landscape that is my studio. Desperate for something to do in this space, yet unable to process my thoughts, I choose to clean my palette, hoping to cleanse my soul in the work…

This always feels like loss to me:

A clearing of  history… removing evidence of the time and process. The good and the bad all lumped together.

All I can see is a mess, because right now I am being sanded and scraped…

Yet I cling…so in true artist fashion, I begin to create something out of that dust, these ashes…

and I see something in it…through the magnifying lens of my camera…




and some inspiration for my heart and my work…

If you are in a hard season, may I offer this small portion? Maybe there is some precious treasure to be found even in our valleys.  Be encouraged.


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