Monthly Archives: July 2014

patience and process



Ever tried to be creative while climbing uphill in a snowstorm with only your shorts on? Well, that’s how the last 2 months has felt to me. I’ve been stumbling around through some difficult times. which means my creative process has had to be slow. s…l…o…w… but not stopped. And I count that a joy. and I see things differently when it’s a layer at a time, a snapshot of moments, a sentence quietly unfolding as I move around my circumstance. As I move through each day as it comes. Here is the finished work that I carried in my heart and let out through my hands these past weeks. Our beloved Scotland, a view from Dunadd (a seat of kings, where they were anointed) across the Kilmartin valley towards the islands and ocean…


and here is a bit of how I got there…










Don’t give up in the midst of difficult circumstance. There is a story to be told during the walk in the valley. and it matters not the time it takes to tell. Be encouraged.


present but not accounted for



I am here.

My art is here because I am here.

but I cannot give an account of all that has been created…

under the paint

because most of it is in the processes of my thoughts…

where my eyes have searched and rested, what I’ve worked on in my heart while not painting. Not drawing. Not writing.

out my window

If you find yourself on this strange path of art working in you but not much artwork to show for it, let me encourage you.

You are here.

Therefore, your art is here.

and that can be enough in a season of drought or storms. This too shall pass…