patience and process



Ever tried to be creative while climbing uphill in a snowstorm with only your shorts on? Well, that’s how the last 2 months has felt to me. I’ve been stumbling around through some difficult times. which means my creative process has had to be slow. s…l…o…w… but not stopped. And I count that a joy. and I see things differently when it’s a layer at a time, a snapshot of moments, a sentence quietly unfolding as I move around my circumstance. As I move through each day as it comes. Here is the finished work that I carried in my heart and let out through my hands these past weeks. Our beloved Scotland, a view from Dunadd (a seat of kings, where they were anointed) across the Kilmartin valley towards the islands and ocean…


and here is a bit of how I got there…










Don’t give up in the midst of difficult circumstance. There is a story to be told during the walk in the valley. and it matters not the time it takes to tell. Be encouraged.


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