look up into the blue


So, it’s been an eventful, 5-kid-crazy, happy-sad-sick-better, hospitals and day trips kind of summer. We had some amazing weeks of warm SUNNY buggy, get-the-hose-out weather. In Scotland, that means everything comes to a halt while we all go outside to observe the strange, wonderful orb in the sky…






And while there was not much time for painting or writing (as they both require some uninterrupted alone time) there was always time to look and let the beauty of an ordinary sky soak into my heart. These pictures were taken from our back deck while picnicking with bathing-suit clad little ones, Lego, some chickens and the cat! So even if everything is piling up around your ears, there can be inspiration and beauty for you to observe… to store up for a quieter moment of expression. Be encouraged.


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