looking for a sign…


My studio space looks like it has been tilted on its side, left there for everything to slide up in a stock pile of paint and paper and easels. While we batten down the hatches and make the walls secure for the winter ahead, I have been at a loss as to what to do. It seems to be taking forever! I’ve sorted and I’ve baked. I have photographed and I have pinterested and made plans and changed plans and planned again. But none of that has calmed the growing frustration and desire to create with my preferred tools of choice. Then, suddenly I was rescued! A fun little design project dropped in my lap. So I rigged up an art corner on our kitchen table (who needs it to eat, anyway?)  and went “old school” with Sharpies and paper and pencils…






This phrase really applies to me. Despite the circumstance, I went back to where I belong –  to make and create, to express and enjoy the gifts I’ve been given.

How about you? Even if everything’s upside down at the moment, even if you are going back to basics, make some space to do what you do and enjoy it!  Be encouraged.


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