Monthly Archives: January 2015

new year, this year: making old things new


The studio was finally finished and beautiful and warm enough to sit in, even at night. But with all that it took to get there and all that the year had brought, I was done. That unfinished painting on the easel was the last piece I worked on in 2014…in November…


Now it’s January and here it sits alongside other things undone.  And I have been undone, unable to connect the dots and see them through.  That must change. And I am beginning to see the way forward now…


Who knew magazine covers and song references could speak so well without saying a word?


So, here it is – I have decided to rework and remake one older or unfinished canvas at a time until they are all done. It won’t be my usual process but I feel the need to stretch out and make this change.  And if it doesn’t work, there’s a nice little stove at the end of my studio. Because these things don’t need to hang around anymore. They will have a purpose one way or the other…



How about you? Do you have things that need a new purpose, need finishing or letting go? (no singing necessary!) It would be great to hear from you. In the meantime, I’ll be documenting my progress (and glitches) and journey here for the next while. Let’s encourage each other. Happy New Year, new start!