Monthly Archives: March 2015

finishing what I started


This is a more than slightly stretching season for me, inside and outside the studio. And in this limited space-time continuum that is my world, trying to move forward requires looking back while staying in the “now”. How’s that for an early morning thought? and I’ve only had 2 cups of coffee!

I’ve got things from the past hanging around, waiting for a future. I’ve come to realize that I didn’t hold the right skills or experience to have taken these paintings where they need to go. I would not have finished well.  Now, even though circumstance has limited me, I have some new tools to my “kit” and a bigger risk-it-for-a-biscuit mindset. Now, I feel more ready to see this friend through to its full potential:

P1230885I love the background colour and depth. I think that’s why I choked when it came to the feather. I had an idea in my head but was so cautious in its application that the work was stopped for fear of ruining it.

P1230875So I’m going round to the beginning, studying feathers and practising forms…

I don’t consider this a step backwards. Maybe I will reach further and higher because of the delay. What about you? Have you held back a piece of your work, a piece of yourself because it wasn’t the right time or you weren’t ready? Maybe now is the moment to dust that script off and give it another go. Maybe it has taken all this time for you to acquire the right skills and experience to see it through. Be encouraged.