the greens of spring – better late than never…


We have had such a slow opening to spring here in the west of Scotland. The cold, wet winds and grey skies have stretched so far into the calendar months this year that we’ve only just turned our heating off! It can be a real struggle for my heart and mind to feel creative when the season seems “off”…when I know I should be at a certain place but it just does not look that way. at. all. Last week I gave up waiting for the sun and stepped into the grey with my camera looking for something, ANYTHING, that was willing and waiting to make a change. and I found the most amazing shades of green out there – new leaves and buds and life beginning to emerge. They were all the more brilliant and vibrant ¬†because of their dull surroundings and it gave me hope. Maybe it will give you some too, whatever season you find yourself in or out of today. be encouraged.

P1240605 P1240613 P1240624 P1240629 P1240631 P1240633


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