lead me to the wonder


With my head down (so as not to eat a procrastinating pre-teen), focussed on the task at hand (4 pack lunches) and trying to tick the boxes off on my mental check list (insert more coffee) I hardly noticed what he said. Our teenage son passed by, school tie in hand, to say “Mom you should check out the front door.” I mumbled an “umhmm” and kept doing exactly what I was doing. Because there was a time limit. Because I was trying to be The Momma Who Gets It Done. Because the 8 year old still did not have his shoes on. because…because…

My husband came into the fray of that early-morning school-day kitchen and took my hand.

“What?” slightly surprised…

“Come with me.” smiling…

“What is it?” slightly exasperated…

“Just come.”

I let him lead me out of the buzz, down the hallway to our front door.

“This…” he gestured…

It was extraordinary. Little sparkling hammocks were swinging in our windows. The door opened to trees criss-crossed with translucent bridges and diamond shaped pockets.


It was magical


and breath-taking,




and beautiful.



and I almost missed it…because

The lists and the work and the rush and the stuff will probably always be here. Let it wait while you wonder, even if it’s just for a few precious moments, at the transient and extraordinary right outside your door. be encouraged.


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