creativity is contagious


I give up New Year’s resolutions. This was my resolution last year. Keeping that one has been the easiest ever, even with the peer pressure. So, how am I starting 2016? (besides the clean-up, clear-out norm) I’m being creative, on purpose, every day this month. I’ve followed this pattern once before (30 day sketchbook) and it was incredibly rewarding. This year, I was invited to do something similar by a friend via facebook.

Here’s what happened last night: I helped my son with his photo shoot for a Higher Art project. He’s working on a final piece and needed to bring in ideas for a painting. The concept is old and new with woodworking tools. We set up the studio and he went to work…


I loved watching him think through the process and giving him small suggestions along the way like “why don’t you stand on a chair or lay on the floor”…


mainly, I was cheerleading – giving encouragement to keep him going…

P1250850 (1)

He switched the lighting and perspective and tools around and kept working. It was contagious and I had to zip my lip so he could get on with it without all my thoughts spilling out on his project!


I’ve collected some great ideas helping my son – his layering and colour choice – and it sparked my own process for an upcoming painting.

Creativity is contagious!  be encouraged. pass it on…


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  1. He was surprised that I posted them – it will be fun to share your response! Thank you. He’s just starting to realize that he’s pretty good at this stuff 😉 I’m VERY proud of him x

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