Daily Archives: May 12, 2017

upside down on the roller coaster


So I’m minding my own business, stepping into my new post-accident try-to-get-back-in-there life and art routine when I feel myself headed for the floor, as if I’d actually stepped onto a roller coaster ride mid-flight. Welcome to viral vertigo. Yeah, it’s a thing. Like my swirling, fluttering head space needs more velocity.WP_20170510_11_32_23_Pro

Have you ever felt sideswiped in your creative practice or life goals? It seems like “when the going gets tough the tough get…” grounded. Instead of developing new skills, I’ve been sitting in my studio surveying the mid-process chaos (see below). and I’m grasping for another level of patience, with myself and my circumstances. WP_20170509_19_09_44_Pro

Once I figured out how to maintain some balance, I got back to work because I desperately need the focus. Sitting down to move paint is new for me, but I have to try.WP_20170510_15_59_14_Pro (3)

Sometimes, being pushed into another way of doing things gives unexpected results. I find it helps if I purposely look for these bright stars when I feel off course and upside down.WP_20170510_15_59_32_Pro

I’ve got a long way to go, in more ways than one. But there is movement, albeit  stop/start  teeter/totter  and roundabout.

I hope. and maybe this gives you some hope, too.WP_20170509_20_30_57_Pro