Daily Archives: May 31, 2017

painting somewhere I’d like to go


I lost some of myself this past week. or, at least I’ve been looking for something of me that I cannot seem to find. This brain trauma thing is hard to understand. There are no signposts to tell you where you are, no milestones to help keep track. Sometimes you’re moving forward and sometimes it feels like everything but you is moving forward.

Maybe that’s why I am painting – to have a path from beginning to end that gets me somewhere.

Most of my work  now starts with colour choice. There are colours that look like someplace I want to go, to dive into and feel with all my senses.

WP_20170528_16_48_07_Pro (2)-001


Since travelling seems out of the question right now, I find the only places I can get away to are through the paint and music (when my head can process it). One can truly swim around in the sounds of Bon Iver and the depths of indanthrene blue.


I’m just checking in, with you and myself. Maybe next week will be different or it may be much the same.

just call me Dory. x