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enjoy the moment


I am purposely giving myself a “time out” today. This is no punishment for a mother of five, let me tell you. There are 5 more hours I have to myself before the kiddos are off of school for (ever) Easter and spring break and our house will be full of bustle and bumps and bunnies and extra kids and noise and some more noise and…. you get the picture. So I need to take time to enjoy what I have right now (quiet, a clean table, space to write). This, without the concern or worry about the next thing to be finished, started, done. Because once I’m in the middle of it, I don’t always appreciate the simple pleasure of having completed something. Here is my friend I told you about a couple of weeks ago. This painting is now finished, after a long wait in the wings so to speak… P1230919 It was hard to get a full size photo of this piece because of the size. This is it on its side. Here are some detail shots: P1230920 P1230936 P1230923 I am enjoying this work being done – taking a moment to be satisfied in its finishing before I begin another painting.The truth is, we need to hold that moment of completion fast, for it can serve us well when we are facing the next mountain, project, deadline…or laundry pile. 🙂 be encouraged.


If you give a painter a camera…


she’s going to want to take pictures of her work. When she does, she’ll want to load them up on her computer.

so she’ll ask her husband “how the heck?”  He’ll probably have to show her how the heck a hundred times.

When she’s got the hang of it, she might get carried away and stay up all night.

In the morning, she will know whole new ways to shift her work.

And if there are new ways to shift her work, she’ll want to paint more canvases.

When she finishes the canvases, she’ll want to take even more pictures of her work.

And chances are if she’s going to take pictures of her work, she’ll want a fancy new camera to do it with!


(writing style shamelessly copied from Laura Joffe Numeroff, author of  If You Give a Pig a Pancake)

I hope it gave you a smile today, along with these experiments in painting and photography.

words of a feather…


Here on the farm and moors, feathers are scattered around like confetti blown in the wind. Hidden in grasses along the stone walls, these small works of art and aviation wait for me to find them.

And I cannot help myself – I gather them all up and take my treasures home to display and to ponder.

Feathers speak to me of grace and flight, divine mysteries, ancient histories.

They are soft, sharp slivers of wonder I can hold in my hands.

There is nothing “ordinary” about these quills. Each one has a story to tell…or inspire…

if I will take the time to enjoy their simplicity, explore their complexity.

May you discover something of wonder today, and hold its story in your hand.