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in comes the colour


“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

After what has seemed to be the longest winter, I feel like a child let out of school when I see the colours of the land bursting into wondrous shapes and shades, fragrant with the perfumes of life. I don’t often feel the strain of the seasons – that place where you just want rid of one for the next – but this year has been different. In many ways it has reflected other facets of my life and work to the point where I am so very happy to feel the shift into something new.  The thought that the earth has poetry for the seasons intrigues me. That we, too, could have verses planted deep in our hearts for the seasons and rhythms of our lives is something to consider. Here are some colours to help your heart sing – be encouraged.

P1240672  P1240692



“She turned to the sunlight

And shook her yellow head,

And whispered to her neighbor:

“Winter is dead.” – AA Milne


blooming good fun


I have to sneak down the stairs – holding my breath at the creaking landing, listening for any sounds of stirring. I’m balancing magazines, a sketchbook and a big box of my favourite Sharpie pens. This is a holiday for me: up before the chaos of five kids with a cup of coffee and time to draw… in the morning light at my kitchen table…


Maybe these little sketches will one day become paintings, but this is not really about  homework for me now. It is more like a breath of fresh air, a stretch into the colours of spring. I’m remembering I like to draw. I like to investigate the intricate. I like to find the lines and then expand them, again and again.

So, if you’re needing a break why not try a bit of creativity just for fun? No projects, no deadlines…just a way to enjoy the gifts you have been given. and maybe you won’t have to get up too early to find some space 🙂 !  Be encouraged.




magazine photo credits:

Carolyn Barber, photo 1, Alamy, photo 3, Country Living April 2012

Catherine Gratwicke, photos 2 & 4, House Beautiful March 2014


through the garden gate


There’s a beautiful “hidden gem” in the middle of the famous St Andrews of Scotland that has nothing to do with golf whatsoever. It is the botanic garden begun in 1889 and developed further in the 1960s. I am always intrigued by the colours and textures that fill such a place.  Weeks of sunshine and heat followed by rains pushed the growth of this garden to new levels. I enjoyed exploring it all… 

Thank you for taking this walk with me. I hope it inspires you to discover the hidden beauty near you!

self-portrait without the gazing navels


A good portrait speaks of the sitter and the artist. So what if the piece  is a self-portrait?

Examining one’s self is no easy exercise, how to capture “this is who I am…this is what I see…this is want I want to tell” without being overly critical of the subject or the work can be impossibly frustrating. It is a risk, not far off how we feel when sharing our hearts with another. But it’s worth it, even if it is just for you.  Yes, there can be things you’d like to change, but it offers the opportunity to see something new or something of value you may have forgotten.

the shadow tells the story

a birth day

the the door and out the window

Consider a self-portrait. Be kind, be truthful and mark the occasion by using your creativity –

a song list, collage, drawing or a poem  – make it FUN!

a shadow of me