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sitting underneath the underpainting


It’s the October week holiday here in Scotland which means lots of kids all over my house. Which means lots of noise and laundry and food dispersion. Which means not a lot of painting. However, in order to keep some of my marbles, I set up the beginnings of a painting in our yet-to-be-finished but has-tons-of-space-and-light extension…

the spot:

the paint:

the apprentice:

I started with a canvas I’d washed blue several weeks ago. Yesterday, I drew in some ideas and left it at that. Today I decided to put down some colours that could peek out later on in the work. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to stay focused for any length of time with a Jedi on my couch, I didn’t take myself too seriously. Instead it was about enjoying the shifting light and the process and the company.

About the time my paint starts to add up, I like to do a little subtracting. I scrape, I draw. I’ve found this process helps define the spaces, and many times I discover new movement through the composition.

Sooner rather than later, I was called to shoot some bad guys, put wood on the fire and make sandwiches (again). But I was able to get far enough with this piece that I can leave it for awhile to sit and soak up the atmosphere.

And I like that the work shows, that the “undone” is part of this piece right now. It’s not all about a perfect picture. It is about how the parts are progressing. Be encouraged.


If you give a painter a camera…


she’s going to want to take pictures of her work. When she does, she’ll want to load them up on her computer.

so she’ll ask her husband “how the heck?”  He’ll probably have to show her how the heck a hundred times.

When she’s got the hang of it, she might get carried away and stay up all night.

In the morning, she will know whole new ways to shift her work.

And if there are new ways to shift her work, she’ll want to paint more canvases.

When she finishes the canvases, she’ll want to take even more pictures of her work.

And chances are if she’s going to take pictures of her work, she’ll want a fancy new camera to do it with!


(writing style shamelessly copied from Laura Joffe Numeroff, author of  If You Give a Pig a Pancake)

I hope it gave you a smile today, along with these experiments in painting and photography.

don’t forget the space hopper


life lesson from a 5-year-old:

it really doesn’t matter where you’re headed or how long it takes, as long as there’s fun in the gett’n there…

Indoors or out, to the bathroom or to the moon, our youngest prefers  travel via space hopper.

There is so much JOY in his journey!

May I humbly suggest that we take a break from the seriousness of lists, deadlines, reputation,and résumés long enough to find the FUN in what we’re doing here?

p.s.  They make adult-sized space hoppers, too 😉

get off your taxi


What’s driving you?

or should I ask, What are you letting drive you?

If you don’t know the answer, then it’s time to STOP long enough to find out.

And if you’ve been hood surfing or backseat driving or in-the-trunk hiding NOW is a good time to disembark…

This was just plain fun to make: Sharpies, a paper plate, paint, magazine cut-outs, glitter.

And that helps the medicine go down.

is there art with that a desk?


Sitting in a pile of paperwork seriously chokes my creativity.

It just seems to get buried as the files and numbers and deadlines slowly overtake my field of vision. On hold for the millionth time and unable to escape the musak or the desk,

I had a moment of artistic sanity.

Make a composition.  Make a landscape.  Make a sculpture. With all the piles of stuff around me. Art therapy in action…

As a reward for being nice to the phone company who had me on hold (for 17 minutes in total) I photographed what I made and did some colour work on this shot.

Why don’t you take a 5-10 minute art break right where you sit? Stop whatever you’re doing and look for colour patterns, interesting textures, or something to stack. And if you’re super -organized without my kind of clutter, break out a box of paperclips – instant abstracts!

Life, lemons and LEDS


I’d finally gotten enough time in the studio to start some serious painting – 3 small works in a series begun! I was feeling virtuous and creative and then…THE ELECTRICITY WENT OUT. No joke – high gales knocked out everything. Here in Scotland, that means candlelight from about 4:30 pm onwards. sigh. Frustrated, and without anything like the internet or a dishwasher or TV to distract me, I decided to try something totally new – my husband’s LED headlamp. Armed with a whole new way to see, (and a rather ridiculous new look) I went to work. Thirty hours without power produced a lot of smoke from the wood stove, piles of dirty laundry, heaps of dishes, a hundred candle stubs, AND a finished painting! Maybe I should title it “Lemonade”.

expanding creativity




~changing the angle from which we observe the many ordinary and wonderous things in our lives~

~carrying heritage & tradition while reaching into new ways of thinking and expression~

~risking the obvious chance of failure for the opportunity of discovery~

this is how our creativity can expand.


All of these images are from Mr Turkey Lurkey here –

Happy Thanksgiving!