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In search of life, Spring or anything green…


Grey-filled, rain-spattered, wind-rattled windows met me at every turn.  Nothing caught my eye.

The inward view was just as uninspired – laundry, dishes, papers and dust bunnies. I had had enough.

I grabbed my camera and stepped out into the wild in search of a different vista. And I found it!

Not in the vast expanse. Not in the height of sky or rolling hills. No, they were all mist and gloom.

I had to get really low to discover these promises of new life, coloured fields, and warm sunshine.

It was worth the wet and the mud and the cold to find a new perspective – one that I was able to carry with me all day. Maybe you need to make a move…get out of your normal routine. Lay on the ground, stand in your chair…paint from across the room. I encourage you to see differently today.