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east, west, home is best


The west coast of Scotland is vastly different from the east coast of North Carolina…the colour of light, the movement of water, the cut of the earth’s edges. Being raised to love the southern coastline, it took me some time to find my bearings here, to redefine what “going to the beach” meant in my heart. Deciding to find the beauty made all the difference. I went to hunt for treasure…and now I never come back without some.


Our children love going to the beach as much as I did as a child. Yes, they may need water shoes and wetsuits. They may bring home more beautifully coloured rocks than shells. They may not ride waves but they do get fish and chips! Their experience is different but it’s just as fun, full of adventure and love. And that helps me to find more treasure, to see more of home…through their eyes. May this encourage you today to see the beauty that is around you, especially in the unfamiliar places.

our littlest one on the run for tiny flounder caught on the sandbar