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tapping in


We do not always recognize how much we have to give, what there is within us to access. Wisdom, experience, creativity, skill, talent, vision – these things can get locked down and covered with dust unless we purpose otherwise.

It was a very Tolkien day out on the farm with sun-lit mist and cloud. I decided to put everything aside for 20 minutes, grab my camera and tromp out into the freezing air to snap some pictures. The first photo is my favourite. I’ve done nothing to it – no cropping, no lighting, no filters. This picture is a combination of a moment in the atmosphere and my willingness to see it and engage with what I carry to get the shot.

These next photographs were taken on the same morning ~

I’ve worked on the lighting and colours to push them forward, to see where they could go…

After a long period of inactivity, I could have hesitated – I could have talked myself out of the moment. I’m so glad I didn’t.

What you have to give is waiting to be given.

Be encouraged today.


on a cold and frosty morning


This time of year I find myself looking deeper into shapes and patterns.

There are no summer brights flooding my field of vision, no autumn vibe, no spring shoots. Our winter palette is limited, but the structure and detail of our surroundings can still stop me in my tracks.

the morning light



There is treasure in every season. Sometimes we have to take the time to see it…to dig for it, if necessary.

Be encouraged today and enjoy what you find.

In search of life, Spring or anything green…


Grey-filled, rain-spattered, wind-rattled windows met me at every turn.  Nothing caught my eye.

The inward view was just as uninspired – laundry, dishes, papers and dust bunnies. I had had enough.

I grabbed my camera and stepped out into the wild in search of a different vista. And I found it!

Not in the vast expanse. Not in the height of sky or rolling hills. No, they were all mist and gloom.

I had to get really low to discover these promises of new life, coloured fields, and warm sunshine.

It was worth the wet and the mud and the cold to find a new perspective – one that I was able to carry with me all day. Maybe you need to make a move…get out of your normal routine. Lay on the ground, stand in your chair…paint from across the room. I encourage you to see differently today.

to everything there is a season…


“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”

                                                                                                                                   – Hal Borland



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